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Established in 1928, Dette Trout Flies is the oldest family run fly shop in the world, now in our 88th year. Our mission has always been, and always will be, to supply the fly fishing community with the finest products and service. Every fly we sell is either tied in house or by a handful of select domestic tiers. We only carry products that meet our quality standards. Our ever growing fly tying selection is made up of our own line of select materials and are complimented by brands such as Mustad, Partridge, Whiting, Uni, Latartun, Griffin, Regal, and others.

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Used Rods & Specials

*SIGNED* Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, & Patterns for Streamers by George Daniel $44.95

*SIGNED* Ramblings of a Charmed Circle Flyfisher by Ed Ostapczuk $29.95

Simple Flies by Morgan Lyle $20

*SIGNED* No Shortage of Good Days by John Gierach $15
*SIGNED* Standing in a River Waving a Stick by John Gierach $15

*SIGNED* Trout Bum by John Gierach $15

*SIGNED* At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman by John Gierach $22

*SIGNED* Good Flies: Favorite Trout Patterns and How They Got That Way by John Gierach $25

*SIGNED* Fool's Paradise by John Gierach $25

*SIGNED* Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders by John Gierach $17

Wasatch - Revolving Hackle Plier $14.25

Wasatch - Revolution Hackle Plier $20

Wasatch - Small Spool Ceramic Bobbin $24.50

Wasatch - Fur Comb $20

Wasatch - Dubbing Picker, Velcro $9.25

Wasatch - Dubbing Picker, Standard $10.50

Wasatch - Hair Stacker, Micro $18

Natural Mole Skins $3

CDC by Polish Quills $5
Excellent quality cdc in some hard to get color.

CDC by Polish Quills $5
Excellent quality cdc in some hard to get color.

Wild Duck CDC by Polish Quills $27.50
Excellent quality cdc in some hard to get color.

Virtual Nymph - Flytyers Designer Skin $4.75

We have a nice assortment of
Orvis Silver Label 8'6" 4wt $140
Mid flex rod, 4 piece, includes tube.

Clarks Custom Flyrods 8' 6wt $150
Rod company from days gone by out of Ridgewood New Jersey. "Dick Nashel" is written on the blank.
Model #GL 806, 2 piece includes sock and aluminum rod tube.

Orvis Trident TL 9' 6wt $160
Mid flex rods, 2 piece, 3 1/4oz, with rod tube.

Heritage 7'6" 4wt $60
2 piece, includes sock and aluminum rod tube

Beulah Switch Classic 10'6" 8/9wt $150
My first switch rod! This was a blank that was finished by a friend of mine. $450 will get you the rods, reel (Vision Tank) & Rio Scandi line with tips.
4 piece, includes rod sock

Fenwick HMG Graphite 9' 6wt $250
GFFF906, 2 piece, includes sock and aluminum rod tube, missing butt cap

Vince Cummings Custom Made Royal Graphite 8' 5/6wt $250
FL-180, 2 piece

Orvis Superfine 8'6" 5wt $250
2 piece, full flex, with tube

Orvis Trident TL 8'4" 2wt $150
2 piece, mid flex, with tube


Abbey & Imbrie 9' 6wt Convertable Spin / Fly $135
2 tip (1 spin, one fly), 3 piece, full length
Cast well with a 6 wt, ready to fish but could use some work.

Unknown Maker 8' Spinning rod $145
3 piece, 2 tip, full length

Orvis Special 8'6" 7/8wt
Serial 3086, 2 piece, 1 tip, full length, with tube and sock.

Vision CDC 3/4 wt $232.50

Vision Nite 5wt $172.50

Ross Evolution LT #2 Black $236.25

Albright Yellowstone 7/8wt $22.50

Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor 7/8 $150

Hardy The Lightweight 3rd Model $400

Pink Fly Lines by Cortland

During first cast this past April at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum bridge the first casters used a special batch of pink lines made for the event. There have been a lot of requests for these lines since then. I have worked with Cortland to have them produced. I did not want to make a fly just for the sake of being pink. I wanted to great fly line that happened to be pink, but was also affordable! Pink Line So here they are! These are 90' weight forward lines, made by Cortland Line in the United States! They are based off Cortland's Finesse taper and feature welded loops on both ends. The first batch of 5wt lines are in, and we are taking pre-orders for the next batch of 4 wts due in October. Other sizes maybe produced if I get enough requests.

I wanted to make sure the CFFCM would benefit from this, since they were the ones who keyed me into them. So, with the sale of each line, $15 will be donated to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum for educational activities, programs and events!

Orders your today!

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