NEW* Partridge Hooks V2SS/SE - Predator Shank


The Original Shank with double wire makes this an ideal body for Predator patterns and articulated patterns like the Game Changer. Use with Z4 hooks size 2 and larger, or ST size 4 and larger.

Stainless Steel / Straight-Eye
Qty 25

Price: $8.50

About Us

Established in 1928, Dette Trout Flies is the oldest family run fly shop in the world, now in our 88th year. Our mission has always been, and always will be, to supply the fly fishing community with the finest products and service. Every fly we sell is either tied in house or by a handful of select domestic tiers. We only carry products that meet our quality standards. Our ever growing fly tying selection is made up of our own line of select materials and are complimented by brands such as Mustad, Partridge, Whiting, Uni, Latartun, Griffin, Regal, and others.

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The Dette Files

A little sample from a long overdue project, The Dette Files.

Starting in September, selected contents of Dette card file, photos, notes and other ephemera will be released on

The Dette Files project aims to preserve the landscape, legends and the lifestyle of the Catskill region along with sharing the craft of Catskill fly tyers Walt, Winnie & Mary Dette.

The Dette card file is a collection of fly samples tied over the last 89 years. When any pattern is tied an extra is kept with important notes and sometimes feather and dubbing samples to maintain a reference point and to ensure consistency with the pattern over time.

From the Dette Nymph Card File
Sens - March Brown Nymph (Clinger)
Tied on an Allcock #173 Size 12
Wing cover either hen pheasant or brown pheasant.?

Used Rods & Specials

We have a nice assortment of
Orvis Silver Label 8'6" 4wt $140
Mid flex rod, 4 piece, includes tube.

Clarks Custom Flyrods 8' 6wt $150
Rod company from days gone by out of Ridgewood New Jersey. "Dick Nashel" is written on the blank.
Model #GL 806, 2 piece includes sock and aluminum rod tube.

Beulah Switch Classic 10'6" 8/9wt $150
My first switch rod! This was a blank that was finished by a friend of mine. $450 will get you the rods, reel (Vision Tank) & Rio Scandi line with tips.
4 piece, includes rod sock

Fenwick HMG Graphite 9' 6wt $100
GFFF906, 2 piece, includes sock and aluminum rod tube, missing butt cap, Made in the USA

Vince Cummings Custom Made Royal Graphite 8' 5/6wt $225
FL-180, 2 piece

Orvis Superfine 8'6" 5wt $250
2 piece, full flex, with tube

Orvis Trident TL 8'4" 2wt $150
2 piece, mid flex, with tube

Powell LTT 895-3
8'9" 5wt $150
3 piece, mid flex, with tube

Powell LTT 895-3 blank built be Jenkins Traditionals
8'9" 5wt $150
3 piece, mid flex, with sock

Cortland Endurance
10' 4wt $100
4 piece, mid flex, with tube

G Loomis IMX 9' 6wt $200
Blank built by David Garlock
4 piece, includes rod tube

Sage RPL 9' 4wt $200
Blank built by David Garlock
4 piece, includes rod tube

G Loomis 9' 6wt $175
Blank built by David Garlock
4 piece, includes rod tube

Powell 9' 4wt $150
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube

Tallon 6'9" 3wt $100
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube

Sage Graphite 8' 5/6wt $200
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube

Shakespeare Wonderod $50
8'6" 5wt
3 piece, includes rod tube
Thread wraps are in tough shape.

Abbey & Imbrie 9' 6wt Convertable Spin / Fly $135
2 tip (1 spin, one fly), 3 piece, full length
Cast well with a 6 wt, ready to fish but could use some work.

Unknown Maker 8' Spinning rod $145
3 piece, 2 tip, full length

Orvis Special 8'6" 7/8wt $300
Serial 3086, 2 piece, 1 tip, full length, with tube and sock.

Albright Yellowstone 7/8wt $22.50

Hardy The Lightweight 3rd Model $400

Frost's Kelso Automatic Reel $15

Margin #2 Automatic Reel (with an brass handle added on) $10

Margin #27 Automatic Reel $15

Sage Model 106 Reel $45

J.W. Young The Pridex $40

Abel No 2 (7 - 9wt) with extra spool LIKE NEW $400

Edwards Fly Reel no 40 $30 with box

Milward Flycraft Trout Reel with case $120

Gayle Simplicity No 2 $25

Matching the Hatch
by Ernest Schwiebert $15
Eight Printing, 1972
Dust cover has few small tears

How to Take Trout on Wet Flies and Nymphs
by Ray Ovington $7
First Edition, 1974
Dust cover has some light staining

The Compleat Angler $20
by Izaak Walton
Hardcover with slipcase, 1976
Excellent condition

Secret Fresh and Salt Water Fishing Tricks of... $20
by George Leonard Herter and Jacques Herter
Hardcover, 1965
Very good condition

Fly-Fishing for Trout A Guide for Adult Beginners $7.50
by Richard Talleur
Hardcover, 1974
Very good condition, includes dust cover

Hatches $5
by Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi
Hardcover, 1975 First Printing
Good condition, includes dust cover

Color Treasury of Fishing Tackle & Baits $8
Hardcover, 1973
Very good condition


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