Q: Where are your flies made?

A: All of our flies are tied in the United States. The hooks and materials that makeup the flies can be from all over the planet. We try to source what we can domestically.

Q: Why are your flies more expensive?

A: Mainly because they are tied domestically. Also because we demand a high standard of quality from our tiers and are willing to pay them for it. When low quality imported fly retails for $2 shouldn't the high quality domestic product fetch a higher price?

Q: Why do your dry fly price vary so much?

A: Time and cost of materials. Some patterns just take longer to prep and tie. Others, have material like woodduck or CDC which have become quite costly.

Q: What brand hooks are your flies tied on?

A: Partridge, Daiichi, Mustad, Tiemco, Gaelic, Varivas, Dohiku, or Hanak. We are very particular about hooks and no single brand has fit all our needs. Our hook selection is based upon what performs best for a particular pattern.

Q: Why are most of your flies on barbed hooks?

A: Simply because that is what most anglers want. We are always happy to debarb hooks for you. If you don't mind placing a custom order, we will tie them on barbless hooks, a much better option then debarbed hooks.