For over 80 years if has been our pleasure to supply fly fishers with the finest American tied fishing flies. Our flies are still tied with the finest materials from hook to head and we pride ourselves on the consistent quality from fly to fly. We put our name behind every fly we sell. If you obtain a fly from us that comes apart before catching a satisfactory number of fish, we will be more the happy to replace it free of charge.

Hendrickson Traditional

Black Ghost tied by Joe Fox

Custom Orders
In addition to the flies we stock, we offer custom fly tying services. Prices vary based on pattern materials and complexity, there is also a 6 fly per pattern / size minimum. Wait times depend on time of season and all orders are tied in the order they are received. Contact us for more details.

Collector Flies
Collector or Framing flies are also available and start at $10 each with no minimum orders. The difference between a collector fly and a fishing fly is the amount of time taken to insure that every detail about the fly is perfect. Extra care is taken in shipping these flies to insure they arrive to you just they were when removed from the vise. Wait times are longer these are mostly tied in the off season. Contact us for more details.